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If you are a business owner, insurance is a must. When it comes to hiring employees, you need to make sure they are protected just as much as you are. Even in the safest environments, accidents can happen. This is why you need workers compensation to help cover the injury and medical bills that may come along with it.

A workers compensation policy can protect you from being sued by one of your employees if they're injured.

Don't let an injury hurt your business

Trust our experienced agents who have a combined 131 years of experience and our competitive pricing to help make your out of pocket

costs low.

- Medical bills

- Lost wages

- Rehab

- Death benefits for dependents

What your workers comp policy covers

It is important to note that not all workers compensation policies are the same. Each State has specific laws governing coverage requirements. Call today and speak with a specialist at Donaghy Insurance about the policy that’s right for you.

Understanding your workers compensation policy

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